About Vortex Mechanical Design

Vortex Mechanical Design is founded by Rodolphe Reuchlin and focuses on 2D and 3D mechanical CAD services.

Rodolphe graduated Cum Laude for his Bachelor Mechanical Engineering degree in the Netherlands. Without any obligations binding him to his home country, he seized the opportunity to see the world and gain international work experience. Rodolphe lived and worked for several years in Australia, New-Zealand and Canada as Mechanical Designer, Engineer and Draftsman. See also his LinkedIn page to learn more about his professional background.

With Vortex Mechanical Design Rodolphe’s intention is to contribute to the development of technologies and products from which humanity and the environment/nature mutually benefit.


Vortex Mechanical Design can think outside of the box.
The box is there when you need it, but there is a whole realm of other shapes we can think in as well…
Anything is possible.

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