Welcome to Vortex Mechanical Design!

VMD offers a variety of services related to 2D/3D CAD.

Whether you have a great idea and need some help to get it materialized, or you already have something and want a partner to brainstorm with and improve your product, you’re at the right place.

Out of the box thinking is paramount here. Collaboration can be on the basis that suits your needs best: Contract, on-demand, part-time, full time, etc.

Are you located in another country and you want VMD to get familiar with your company on site first? Not a problem. With international work experience in Finland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, VMD is keen to come to you! Learn More

Anything is possible

“Technological breakthroughs are made by those who did not limit themselves by conventional ideas, textbooks, or what anybody else thought for that matter… “

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